21 Mar 2014

Swimwear Collection 2014

The highly anticipated 2014 Swimwear Collection was released on March 15th. With a great variety of prints, cuts, and colours embedded into every piece, the collection maintains its retro aesthetic image while incorporating a modern ethnic twist to each bathing suit. The collection is currently available at with a 30% off PREORDER discount for a limited time only, get yours now!

Campaign video -

                         Shop Nengi here

 Shop Zyta here  |  Shop Magali here - Black sleeveless top with mesh cut outs and bottoms

Shop Issa here - Sporty one piece swimsuit with side clasps available in orange
 Shop Tara high waist bottom here  |  Shop Aziza here - Hot pink strapped bikini top & cut out bottoms
 Shop Mawala here -Lemon green one piece swimsuit
 Shop Magali here - Black sleeveless top with mesh cut outs and bottoms

Here are a few of our launch day best sellers
L-R - Zyta, Landi, Magali



Camouflage Makeup Artist - Oby Iyamah 

Vivian Ezike 

Sally Vusi 
Billi Balogun 
Rhema Ossai 
Vera Asare

Instagram: @andreaiyamahswimwear


26 Feb 2014

Swimwear 2014 - Behind the Scenes

We are just as excited as you are for the release of A.I 2014 swimwear collection in March! Check out all the work put in by our awesome team during the shoot. It was loads of fun but also a lot of work shooting for 10 hours.

Andrea and William

Makeup by Camouflage Makeup Artistry

Shivani and Mouna

The office

The planning before the shoot

Bili and Vivian working on set design


Mackenzie and Rhema

Behind the Scenes - Photos by : Mackenzie Ewing

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28 Mar 2013

Hello Sunshine!

Summer is almost here!

The shopping website will be back up by April 10th 2013! Be sure to stop by because there will be some amazing discounts and offers on the new Andrea Iyamah swimwear! We're sorry its taking so long, it just needs to be perfect enough and then we're all set! We're taking our time to improve every part of the brand!

Here are some good stuff about the new swimwear collection:

  • Sexier daring cuts  
  • More color and size options 
  • More print swimwear
  • Some styles will be customizable... yup so even if you're an E, F , G or Z you aren't left out of having fabulous swimwear!
p.s - swimwear from the previous season will no longer be available for purchase.

Don't forget to:
Follow A.I instagram - @andreaiyamahswimwear , @andreaiyamah
Like A.I FB page -
Twitter: @AndreaIyamah_

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us - or simply leave a comment below.

Remember to save the date APRIL 10TH 2013!

Stay Fabulous!

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